Trail Bike

Trek Bicycle Co.

Full suspension trail bikes are one of the fastest growing segments of the bike industry. Trek's Fuel Ex and Remedy are a big part big part of that market, winning best in class from industry publications year after year. Despite all of this, Trek's engineers weren't satisfied. So for 2017 we completely redesigned both bikes, bringing to market two of the best products we've ever made. To accompany this launch, we developed a simple design approach - beautiful photography with mountain bike's best athletes, combined with simple messaging to produce a campaign to further propel our full suspension growth.


Photography is major part of our brand story at Trek. We travel the world to capture our athletes riding our products on the most inspirational trails we can find. Working with one of the industry's best, Sterling Lorence, we set out to tell the story of the all new Fuel Ex and Remedy by traveling to Maderia, Portugal and Mijas, Spain on the set of Not2Bad to photograph these bikes. I also worked with our studio photographer, Jim Carman, to explore different product photography options. Both are pictured below.


Above are other iterations and explorations for the campaign. A part of our process at Trek is exploration, from early planning meetings, to sketches, and high fidelity mockups. Failure is large piece of these explorations. We often explore ideas through execution before iterating, making sure we put the best product out to our customers.

One of our final ads for spring.