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Design System

Trek Bicycle Co.

Trek's serves customers in 33 countries world wide and has millions of online visitors per year. We are currently working to scale our digital footprint even further across multiple devices, in more languages, and deliver new products to market. To execute this vision, we've set out to build a design system that can scale across multiple teams and development languages to help build these products quickly and efficiently at scale, and allow for rapid iteration based on our design learnings.

Creating a Design System

We've developed a design system at Trek that allows our designers, developers, project managers, and business stakeholders to share a common language. The system is built out in Sketch for our design team, which mirrors the code base that our front-end developers use. These two systems are kept in sync as changes are made, as both are living, breathing documents.

Concept to Prototype

Why a design system? To build digital products at scale across multiple teams and do it quickly, you need a shared understanding of what you're creating. The system we've put in place at Trek allows us to go from brainstorming meetings and wireframes to high fidelity mockups very quickly, that allow us to prototype designs and iterate on user feedback, all while being able to show business stakeholders easily digestible designs for approval.

Exploration - How We Got Here

Design systems aren't easy to create and implement. We knew early on we wanted to move away from our current web designs and a set out on a new path forward. To get there we explored, taking our time to explore lots of ideas from wireframe to full execution, gathering feedback from the design group and business. From here we started developing our final system. We landed on a simple, minimal approach that allowed our content to shine.

Execute - What We Make

We are constantly evolving our digital products. For the past year I've been focusing on updating our website to reflect our new company goals, developing our site into a world class ecommerce site. Above are two of the projects we've recently released.